Andrey Mamaev is a St. Petersburg landscape painter, a graduate of the art college named after Serov. Many critics note the virtuoso technique of the artist in the spirit of photorealism, reflecting the beauty and character of the nature being exalted. The author's works are actively acquired by museums and collectors both in Russia and abroad - in England, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and the USA.


"Mamaev is able to adjust the vision, including the viewer, to the perception of the thinnest dry blades of grass hanging in the atmosphere, the sparkle of post-fire black soot, to convey the tones of misty snow dust with his truly miniature writing. All this might seem like a virtuoso technology in the spirit of photorealism, if it were not part of a certain artistic system — strict pictorial asceticism. The author is close to the muted, hidden life of nature, when its colors fade, the light goes out, the space is permeated by a rigid network of black, prickly branches and dry grass, and a clear graphicity appears in its appearance."

Isabella Belyat

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